Appointments can be made by contacting me directly by phone or email.  Beginning in March 2020 all therapy sessions moved online due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  This was an uninvited, but surprisingly smooth transition for my practice as it coincided with the birth of my second child in July of 2020. 


In October of 2020 my family picked up and moved from Seattle to Bellingham, Washington, as part of the pandemic reorganization migration.  At the moment I will provide telehealth services to clients in Washington state during weekdays from 9-5.  I'll potentially be adding in-person options in Bellingham for those who require them when the pandemic ends.  Having said that, I am in no hurry to start driving to an office anytime soon and most of my existing clients have suggested they're happy with telehealth.  So we'll have to wait and see if and how quickly office visits make their return. 

 Feel free to contact me with any questions. 


Phone: (425)-954-3321

Darryl Graham, Psy.D.​ 

Licensed Clinical Psychologist